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  • The polls have closed and the results are in from the latest KSCPA Exchange  survey question:  CPAs take to the field! Would you be interested in participating in a Society-wide (CPAs, attorneys, and students!) kickball tournament? Proceeds from the ...

  • Thanks to you too, Norm!  All - I am pleased to say this was a phenomenal event! There was great energy, enthusiasm and genuine gratitude expressed by the professors, students and employers.  Check out the attendance numbers - we exceeded our goals and ...

  • Thanks to the staff of the Society for planning this event.  Thanks also to Patrick Lee for his part in planning and leading the discussions with faculty and firm recruiters.  Thanks also to Dave O'Dell and McPherson College for their part in making the ...

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What are you most looking forward to about fall?
The bright colorful beauty of autumn
Hoodies, bonfires, and enjoying the cooler weather outdoors
Football season
Halloween, costumes, candy, and finding the perfect pumpkin in the patch
Pumpkin flavored everything .... yummm
Call me a Christmas fanatic - but I love fall because we're one season closer to my favorite holiday
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