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  • I would love to have come to this but I won't be able to. My Controller is out on maternity leave as of Monday and I will be short staffed. I already planned a vacation week that month and I have CPE during that month as well. Good luck with the program! ...

  • Fun and loud laughter filled the vineyards at KC Wine Co. in Olathe as family, friends, and colleagues celebrated nominees ( Trina M. Swart Harmon , CPA, Amanda Huffman , CPA, Susan Day , CPA, CGMA, Angela Malley , CPA, CGMA, and Amanda ...

  • Hello Alumni Ambassadors! The purpose of your role as an AA is to be a driving force behind the KSCPA vision and to make a difference in our community. In June, you signed up for certain missions (see attached) and now is a perfect time for you to take ...

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What are the top skills accounting and finance professionals need to succeed going forward? Choose Five.
Strategic Critical Thinking
Anticipating Serving Evolving Needs
Innovation Creativity
Data Analytics
Change Management
Collaboration Mobilizing Consensus
Influencing Persuading
Time Management
Proactive vs. Reactive

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