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    Hello Advocate Team and happy Friday! I have an ask of you. Attached are two grids, an Individual Matrix and a Business Matrix. For previous legislative sessions we used these matrixes to provide neutral informational testimony to legislators on the potential ...

  • What steps have you taken to protect your organization against cybersecurity risks?   How CPAs Can Protect Client Data with Third-Party Vendors , a new  Ignite  blog featuring Dustin Hall, Director, CPACharge,   is now available!   https://exchange.kscpa.org/blogs/dustin-hall1/2019/11/15/how-cpas-can-protect-client-data-with-third-party ...

  • CPA athletes came together to keep pace with change at KSCPA's Member Value Day on November 1 at the Accounting Innovation Center in Kansas City! Following the board meeting, the Annual Meeting of the KSCPA featured the recognition and installation ...

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