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  • Old, New, Borrowed and Blue: A Recap of the 2019 Legislative Session , an  Ignite  blog by Marlee Carpenter, J.D., KSCPA Governmental Affairs Consultant, is now available at:  https://exchange.kscpa.org/blogs/marlee-carpenter/2019/06/14/old-new-borrowed-and-blue-a-recap-of-the-2019-legi ...

  • If it is not too late, I will join you as well. ​ ------------------------------ Damon Ward CGMA Director of Tax Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Wichita KS ------------------------------

  • I'll join you for lunch. ------Original Message------ Board of Directors - please let me know by noon Tuesday (28th) if you would like to join us for lunch (12 p.m. at The Weather Room) prior to the Board of Directors meeting. Attached are ...

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